As many of you know, I’ve always been coming up with ideas… lots of ideas. Custom-painted shoes in high school, cake decorating, jewelry made from dollhouse miniatures, Fat Ass Plates: The Honest Choice in Dinnerware, Snitches Get Stitches Greeting Cards, etc.¬†

I’m an artist, a creative entrepreneur, who is using Project H as an umbrella brand for any new ventures.

Currently I’m focusing on a multi-level art/apparel project. After years of not painting anything, I’ve brought my brushes back and am working on a series featuring the most popular foods in America. The Crunchy Beef Taco was painted¬†with acrylic and several different texture mediums. Following the completion of this painting, I digitized the work and had custom patches made, which I am now hand-stitching on white, cotton hats. Thus the Taco Hat was born.


Up next is a cheeseburger that will be mixed media (acrylic, paper mache, fabric on canvas). That will also be followed by a Hamburger Hat.