A Typical Work Day pt. I

I’ve been working at Ben Hogan Golf for almost a year now as the Creative Services Manager. Basically that means that anything visual that comes from the company goes through me. So far this has been an incredible experience and over the next few weeks I want to share with you just a little insight into things I get to do on a daily basis.

I love shooting and for anyone that knows me, I love seeing how things are made and being ‘behind the scenes’. Here are just a few of my favorite images from last fall, when our FT. WORTH 15 irons were still simply brass prototypes. We’ve come a long way in a year.




Ruidoso, New Mexico

Earlier this month I went to Ruidoso, New Mexico with Nathan and his parents. We had a blast and here are some of my favorite moments. Before we left, I dropped Chloe off at Barb’s and Nathan dropped Freddie off at Doggie Digs. Scout, one of his parent’s dogs decided to get behind the wheel and drive us for a while…


It was an 8-hour drive but really flew by. We drove through a little rain as we got closer Ruidoso.


The house they rented was great, it was right off the two main streets and also ending up being literally right on Cree Meadows. They found it on VRBO.com. My parents have used that site as well and have also had good luck.


We had multiple wonderful meals on our trip. This evening we had an awesome fried artichoke appetizer, which I think I was the only one who really liked it, but that’s okay – more for me!


The house they rented sat on the tenth hole at Cree Meadows Country Club. We played there once and then typically walked Scout and Buster along several of the holes each night. Believe it or not, but Nathan was able to add 50+ golf balls to his bag. I still can’t believe we found that many!



Buff, a family friend of mine, was able to get us on Rainmakers Golf Course and it was truly unbelievable.












One afternoon we drove up to Cloudcroft and had lunch at The Lodge. Afterwards, Nathan’s mom enjoyed a lovely massage and I played golf with the boys at the really cute 9-hole golf course up there.




On our final day, we had breakfast a cute little local spot followed by lunch at the Inn of the Mountain Gods and did a little gambling. Gary and I were both losers but Nathan came out a winner. We didn’t play golf there but decided that we’d definitely add that to the list on our next trip.



On our way out of town, we drove through Roswell, NM, which is where my Aunt Shirley lives. Nathan and I stopped to have a lovely breakfast with her, we had really tasty green chili quiche. Before we left Roswell, I had Nathan drive us by the New Mexico Military Institute. Dad went to high school there and I thought while we were in town, I’d grab a couple of photos of his old stomping grounds.


Ruidoso was really fun and it was such a great break from this Texas heat. In fact, I think every day that I’ve been back in town it’s been over 100 degrees. This makes me even more excited for our upcoming trip to the Cottage in Ontario.

Oh, and here’s a planet panorama I took at Rainmakers.


Revisiting Squashtography

Several years ago I did a photography series called Squashtography. I think everyone as some point in their childhood smushes their face against glass to see who make make the silliest expressions. This was the foundation of this series. The following images are my favorite pieces from this collection.







Fishing at Richland Chambers Lake

Fishing at Richland Chambers Lake

Back in January, Nathan, Brian, Kilgo and I bought a 4-hour guided fishing trip on Groupon and after months of planning and rescheduling due to weather, we finally went on our trip. Pardon the images, with rain on the schedule, I decided not to take my Canon, so the following pics are all from our phones.


As soon as we got going on the water, our guides went ‘full steam ahead’ and I was convinced I’d fly out of the boat. As you’ll see in the video, I had mixed emotions… terror… laughter…


Nathan and I really had a fun time and we ended up getting the year-long fishing license, so I’m excited to see where else we can go catch fish.


Nathan wasn’t afraid to actually touch the fish and take them off of the hook. I, on the other hand, had our guide Sky help me out there. Fish are scary.


Love this picture of Kilgo and Brian. They look like real fishermen.






Unfortunately, our guide’s fish radar broke, so we had no idea how many fish we would catch. It wasn’t as many as they usually catch, but still enough for us to each take some home to eat!




Once I got home, it only made sense to finally try using my Fry Daddy and make little fish nuggets. I have to admit, they were pretty awesome!


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